Home & Property Surveys

Blacksurv offer varying different types of building surveys, each will include on site investigation, defects identification, remedial work recommendations, some include estimated costs for repairs. There will often be issues and concerns ‘non-physical’ which relate to legal aspects whereby confirmations via your legal representative are required.
Home Surveys
RICS have divided these into three areas:
1. Condition Report – This is the most basic and less costly and merely lists defects only and is more suitable to fairly new properties.
2. Homebuyers Report – This is more in-depth and is in standard format whereby each area and service internally and externally has a bespoke section. Details of condition are imputed but does not include remedial works nor estimated costs. Homebuyer Reports can include Valuation (although RICS are reputed to be considering removal of the valuation option). Again this is more suitable to modern properties circa 20 years built or less.
3. Full Building Survey – This is the most expensive and in-depth survey and covers full physical inspection of the structure and finishes internal and external. Will include recommended remedial works and if possible estimated costs of repair. Legal aspect incorporated along with flood risk. No valuation included. Services both mechanical and electrical will be subjected to basic description and overview but no testing obviously as not lawfully qualified. This type of Survey is preferable to older and more historic properties. *Laurence Black BSc MSc MRICS CSRT has a Master’s Degree in Conservation of Historic Buildings and is therefore an expert in maintaining period and historic buildings.

*We can also carry out bespoke instructional surveys along with Structural Inspections and reports.
Damp, Pest & Rot Surveys
Laurence Black BSc MSc MRICS CSRT is an experienced and professionally qualified damp, pest and rot specialist (CSRT designation) Rather than call in competing Damp Proofing companies to view and inspect damp issues, you may wish for an independent inspection and report. This will also include recommended remedial works along with estimated costs.
Dilapidation and Disrepair Surveys
We regularly carry out full inspections and specialist reports for both landlord/ Freeholders and/ or leaseholder/ Tenants. We can produce Expert Witness reports for court if required. *Laurence Black BSc MSc MRICs CSRt worked for ten years for a large housing Association in North London dealing with disrepair and dilapidation issues.